JILC is a cultural association designed to introduce Islam and local Arab culture to the residents and visitors of the UAE. Our warm open door policy fosters an environment where all queries will be answered and you will be provided with a clearer picture of the faith shared by more than one billion people.

Our Vision

We aspire to promote / facilitate the buildup of a Law Abiding Muslim community, which will have the potential to enrich the society as a whole; with great accountability of the Pact we gave Almighty Allah of our submission!
Working knowledge of this submission is our Mission by creating a strong bond with our Creator which will lead to a productive solace we all desire! Our vision is to facilitate a soul which is content throughout – in this life and the hereafter!

Our Mission

  • Promoting clear knowledge of Islam

The focus of the Center is promoting knowledge of the divine guidance of Islam as a complete way of life, as a human model of excellence, and as a social pattern of justice, compassion and solidarity.

  • Creating Access to Islam

The first priority in all our activities is to provide access to Islam for those who are searching by means of talks, publications and a warm environment.

  • Educating Muslims

Ensuring that the new generation of emerging Muslims understand and deepen their knowledge and practice the Deen.

  • Values
  • Knowledge
  • Harmony
  • Cooperation
  • Support



  • Address
    Jumeirah Islamic Learning Centre, 819 Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE